Our Mission

Eggs are an animal protein which consumes too many resources.
vEGGs are a plant protein which uses less water, less land, less energy and causes less polution.
They are equally tasty, shelf-stable, cook like eggs and work in all your favourite recipes.
What is your choice then?

We believe that what we eat matters most, to us and to our planet.
Our mission is to provide healthy and delicious egg alternatives while preserving our planet.

You like to start your day with a French toast? You love a quiche for lunch? You can't resist a delicious creme brulle in the evening?
With vEGGs you can enjoy all of them and build a more sustainable world.

Join us in our mission!

About vEGGs

Enjoy a scramble, an omelette, a quiche and other egg
dishes with our delicious egg-free alternative made
entirely from plants. vEGGs cook like eggs, they are a
convenient product for all your cooking and baking
needs. They are budget-friendly and store conveniently
in your cupboard for months. vEGGs are must-haves
for vegans, non-vegans or those with allergies!

Choose a sustainable, better alternative for you and
for the planet.



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